Anxiety & Fear


Because His love is what will ever be constant in your life, you can rely on it, beloved. You can place your whole life upon this great and mighty God who loves you, and know that He will not fail. He will not change. He will forever be faithful and consistent, whatever it is that comes your way or whatever mistake you will do.

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Mali ka ng pinasukang C.R. Anong gagawin mo?


OPTION #1: The “Hayok Mode”

Girls: Bastos! Hindi mo ba alam na pambabaeng CR to?!

You: ( sabay baba ng zipper) Baket? Pambabae din naman to ah? wink*


OPTION #2: The “Pa-B3kZ Mode”

Girls: ”Bastos! Hindi mo ba alam na pambabaeng CR to?!”

You: T3h! Hihiram lang ako ng BB cream! (…

Wash day! :)


*wants to quit smoking*

*smokes three cigarettes in a night*